Has Emma ever worn ear-rings

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Hi there!
I hope You can help me out. I am going to cosplay Emma Frost. Dyed my hair, going to get the costume. I want the details to be perfect. So I wonder- has Emma ever worn ear-rings. Thus far it seems that she has not. I don't  know any popular pic of hers where she would be depicted wearing them. If You have a reference, please, point me there, Thanks to all you fans!!

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Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't. It really depends on the artist..
I've seen her with button ear-rings, and in house of m (civilian clothes) she wears big ear-rings. But most of the times her hair hides her ears so you can't see it anyway..

House of M, civilian clothing
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lmao i have noticed she barely wears them lmao and shes like filthy rich she can buy any kind of ear rings tha she wants lmao
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She doesnt have specific ear rings, and any picture with her wearing some are rare and just the artist's preference. Larroca had her wearing tacky star ear rings, but hes done that for many of the women he draws. If youre going to wear any type of ear ring, it should be Diamond or at least fake Diamond, or I guess pearls, but Diamonds makes more sense.

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The precedent, however, has been set - she occasionally wears ear rings. So maybe wear the ear rings for about 10 minutes?

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I would guess her lack of earrings would have to do with her Diamond form. Though you don't see a lot of superheroes wearing earrings anyways.

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Thanks to all who posted! I think I will go with the big rings like in the house of M. Thanks again!

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Salvador Larroca drew Emma and many other female characters with earrings. Emmas were little white stars and Rogues were little yellow stars. 

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