"Gallery 2"

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The Gallery "Emma Frost 2" is empty, can we delete is pleeeease

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I just noticed that too.

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There's a LOT of empty galleries.  If you try tagging Emma Frost on an image for the first time then you can't see the Earth-616 Gallery.  You have to put it in the Emma 2 Gallery, then edit it AGAIN to take it out of the Emma 2 gallery and put it into the Earth-616.  Awwwwkward :(

Is there any way of tidying up the insane amount of different galleries for each character?  Like combining all the different non-616 realities into a 'Various Universes' gallery??
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yeah, you just have to do each image in there one by one. Like creating that "Various Universes" gallery, and then moving each non 616 image into there.

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Good idea

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I did that with the X-Men gallery last week, as there are about 3 or 4 different Earth-? galleries for the X-Men.  But someone has created a new X-Merica gallery already :p  I have NO idea what X-Merica is, but it sounds lame.  Anyway...

If (and I do mean IF) I/we/someone were to make a Various Universes gallery for popular characters like Emma, Rogue or Wolvie... should I/we/someone then make a post requesting that the old empty ones be deleted or just PM G-Man directly??
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I think a PM would probably be more efficient than making a thread about it. lol. It's a lot of work, Have fun [=

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I deleted this one.  Send me a pm and I could try to get to them when I can.


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