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Ok i was looking on the internet and i seen this  
ok well i have waited a while for jean to come back and find emma and scott are together i know its a what if issue so it really doesnt matter but can anyone give me any information on this i know it comes out december
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I like the cover art. Thats about it.

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From the pages of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's classic Astonishing X-Men run, see two titanic tales unfold: In the first, what if Ord from Breakworld brought Jean Grey back from the dead instead of Colossus? What happens when she’s reunited with the X-Men? And Emma?  And how will this change affect the entire galaxy? A story of life, death, love and loss resulting in one word that strikes fear into all: Phoenix! “WHAT IF JEAN GREY WAS RESURRECTED INSTEAD OF COLOSSUS?” by Jim McCann (NEW AVENGERS: THE REUNION) and David Yardin (X-MEN ORIGINS: GAMBIT). In the second, when the artificial being known as Danger is out to destroy Xavier and his X-Men, someone else picks up her signal. Someone deadly they’ve never faced before... someone who's ready to fall in love with the mutated Danger Room! “WHAT IF DANGER BECAME ULTRON’S BRIDE?” Written by Matteo Casali with incredible art by Mike Getty! Plus a “SAY WHAT?” comedy strip by Mike Gallagher (Mad Magazine) and Dave Manak (Spy Vs. Spy).
48 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T+ …$3.99  
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Danger? who cares.

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1 issue, 2 'what ifs', and a bonus 'say what'... Sorry, but I don't like What Ifs, so I hope this pans.

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How long has Jean been gone? In comic book time and in real world time

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Well she died in New X-Men #150 and that was in 2004...so like 5 years. As for comic book time, that's hard to tell because time in comic books seem to change or not matter to me.
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@kimmycat:  THNX
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You're welcome :) 
As for the issue, I stopped reading Astonishing X-Men a long time ago, but I do like the cover.
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i love the cover i like how emma looks with short hair :D
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why did you stop reading i onlii read comics with emma frost in them i know obbsed much lol

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Lol because Joss Whedon left and I just couldn't get into it anymore. And killing Kitty Pryde was lame lol. 
Have you read her own series? It was actually pretty good. As an Emma fan I think you would enjoy it. 

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