Emma's villainy

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Emma is a bad girl trying to be a good girl and she has had a lot of bada$$ moments. I love Emma and have read mostly everything about her from Morrison to Gillen. I've also read all of Generation X and what I enjoy is that everyone is not thinking she is going to betray them if they turn their backs like the the X-Men currently do. Seriously, read it. It's a breath of fresh air without that overused trope. She is trustworthy. Mostly.

I know she was once a villain, but I've only read really the Dark Phoenix Saga and a couple of Uncanny and New Mutant appearances from her "evil years". She has messed with Storm's mind and messed with Kitty and the New Mutants and has done other things. She was a fierce foe but not exceptionally dangerous compared to many others, and I think current X-Men writers play her dark years up a bit to enhance her mystique. I'm not denying she was a great villain but just she was not that much of threat compared to many of the other Big Bads. I'm really saying that her road to redemption is what she is better known for, because we've been given more depth to her than what she had previously.

Honestly, I believe she was initially just meant to be a standard villain with a corset fetish. I believe, before the likes of Morrison and Whedon got their hands on her, it was Claremont who gave a bit of insight into her character before her evil streak waned, in Classic X-Men #34.

She gives an impromptu lesson on how sexism works and is applied in the Hellfire Club (outside the Club this theory is all sorts of wrong if you look at real-life examples of sexism) and she explains her self in stunning fashion. Often people make fun of her ridiculous outfits, but the Hellfire Club is very spiritually a part of her and ingrained into her that it still resonates with her today in the current X-books.

But back on topic, I am just really curious to what Emma's "villainous feats" are.

I know she's a horse killer, I kid you not. Poor Butter Rum....

So what are her villainous feats that make her such a fierce foe? It can be current because she's never been a goody-goody. She's quite a character and I really want to just really discuss her dark side, the side that makes the X-Men not entirely trust her.

What are your thoughts on the White Queen? The dark side of her. I don't want to here about justifications why she's bad, but how she is bad.

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She shot her own sister...but then again her sister was the "bad guy", so, I am not sure if this counts.

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This the comic book character that screwed up the Jean/Cyclops relationship when it was at it's vulnerable point. i belive alot of the x-men and many other heroes still this she's mind controlling cyclops. and if Jean ever returns we all know she going to kick that bitch's ass back to skankville.

Emma does have her moments, especially when it comes to her own self evaluations. but we tend to forget how her moments can cause her harm for others. like with her students. how she lead the Hellions to their deaths (although to be fair she hass expressed great guilt over that). How she treated X-23 like she was a psycho killer, when she herself has done her fair share of sins. Emma Frost in my opinion is just a great big hypocrite. Let Marvel go with Namor or something, since it seems that what her story is heading for anyway.

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i think we all know that something is need to be done with her character

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Well if namor is going to prison for attacking wakanda emma pulled the trigger so to speak.

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