Emma's role in Age of Ultron!

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So you should all know by now that Emma Frost is

part of the rebel alliance team thingy that survive ultron's attack along with some other cool heroes (apart from wolverine)

But how do you think she will work in to it? She has lot her TP so she can't be the "token telepath" anymore. We all know she is a team player despite her ice cold persona, but she is also a natural leader. How will she cope with her new position? And her new de facto teammates? What do you think will become of Emma? I have a really bad, bad, bad, feeling Bendis will kill her off. And if not, seriously mess up her character. But then again, this could benefit Emma. Make her more of primitive survivalist than a mental survivalist (meaning she uses more brawn and aggression to survive as opposed to previously using her intelligence, confidence and telepathy to survive).

Plus, I guess this kinda justifies why Emma was left out of the all new all female X-Men roster.

Anyway, thoughts?

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