Emma's personal growth do to Scott.

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Not sure if that's the best title for this post but i think it get to my point.

Not going to say much about my thoughts here because I have another post idea and want everyone's thought on this idea without me tainting it with my own.

I have seem growth in Emma as a character of the say 7 years (pick your date as you see if). I haven't seen a post to my knowledge that address this issue. So what do you see or thing that Scott has done to help Emma grow as a character.

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Sorry not the best poster, been awhile having time to sit down and try to get my thoughts on paper, web in this case.....work way to may hours. Will try to explain better.

Well when you look at post about Emma changing Scott its easy to see the changes. Say last 7years+ writers good and bad have done one hell of a job bring out Scott's personality. Maybe some inconstancy but you easly get the general feel of what/who they want him to be.

When I look at Scott and how he has changed Emma it's not as easy to see as you stated most writers fail to grasp what/who Emma is, because of this I feel it's a one sided relationship in that aspect. So was kinda looking for some help gathering that kind of information on that concept. I know it's not an easy question to answer because Emma's changes as a character is far more internal then externally seen. IE When you look at the big picture of their relationship you have to look for the small details that sometimes are more drawn then printed, if that makes any sense to you.

As I have said I have my own thoughts and on those whole thing but I also feel if I post that down i feel it would/could taint that information I trying to get.

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I'm positive that has been discussed in at least half a dozen threads.


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