Emma Frost super strength

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In which serie/issues we can see Emma Frost using her super strength?

#2 Posted by uncanny89 (872 posts) - - Show Bio
@fred9101:   Emma hasn't really got "super" strength just the added weight behind being a living diamond.  She has been shown to be able to take doors off of cars etc in Utopia, but the limit of her strength has never really been explored fully in the comics.  I personally think that she doesn't have super strength, she is just slightly stronger than her normal self, but like i said i think that just comes from her changing to a diamond, which lets face it is going to hurt more than a human fist punching you.
#3 Posted by nikbackm (186 posts) - - Show Bio

According to the handbooks she can lift 2 tons, which seems largely consistent with how her strenght level has been depicted in the comics.

#4 Posted by pinchpaker29 (479 posts) - - Show Bio

Got me wondering how much can Scott lift?

#5 Posted by uncanny89 (872 posts) - - Show Bio
@nikbackm:   2 tons really!?  oh right i just thought it made her slightly stronger
#6 Posted by Jake Fury (21385 posts) - - Show Bio
@pinchpaker29 said:
"Got me wondering how much can Scott lift? "

He's upper level Olympic.
#7 Posted by doddy (271 posts) - - Show Bio

 If my memory serves, emma was thrown out of widow by some normal mobs in NXM-156…I think this would not happen if she could lift 2 tons…XD  

#8 Posted by eldestrisk (674 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't remember anytime when it was depicted that Emma has super strenght.

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You would think she could lift more then the Thing. If he is just made of rock and she is made of diamond, she should be stronger and more resilliant
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Yeah, but the Thing is a six-foot, highly-athletic male with much more natural musculature.
#11 Edited by DEGRAAF (8344 posts) - - Show Bio

Emma - 5'10" 
Thing - 7'1" 
I can understand that, its like Supergirl being weaker then Superman because she is smaler and her body has less musculature to it but to me its like saying regular Superman is more powerful than a Sun Dipped Supergirl
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@eldestrisk said:

" I don't remember anytime when it was depicted that Emma has super strenght. "

There are very few times she actually does so it's not surprising, mostly she use the diamond form for defense. A few occasions I can remember off-hand though: 

1. Hitting a brood a sending it crashing into a wall in Fantastic Four/X-Men
2. Breaking through a concrete wall in AXM: Gifted.
3. Helping lift a heavy object in WWH: X-Men after Hulk wrecked the mansion.
4. Fight various superstrong and invulnerable opponents (including Hulk) which would be kind of stupid if she did not have the strength to the some damage.
#13 Posted by Edamame (29742 posts) - - Show Bio
@nikbackm: Who can Emma defeat in these regards? Not Rogue, right?
#14 Posted by THUNDERBOLT30 (11640 posts) - - Show Bio

Haven't seen too many strength feats for Emma. I have one issue where she one arm lifts Sage and another where she knocks Lady Mastermind through a wall but that's about it.

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