Emma Frost Stuck In Diamond

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I am a huge emma frost fan and i love her but the main reason i love her is for her telep. and she cant use that while in diamond form and that annoys me whos idea was it to do this anyway...and in her diamond correct me if i am mistaking but she cant feel emotions like the stepford c. and she cant feel bad or make scott happy i hope this doesnt end in them breaking up :( also..what about scott brings out the best in emma if you saw the comic when they were in the savage land she was not acting like herself
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Scotts never happy until hes snogging a telepath... Watch out Cuckoos!
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lmao the stepford. cuckoos can barley stand him since hes with emma but scott does have a way with words lmao
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There's already a thread about Emma being stuck in her diamond form: What!!

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From the same person no less  

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