Emma Frost Covers

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Here's a Google Picasa photo gallery containing all (as far as I know) covers featuring Emma Frost in any form.   

No fancy classifications and groupings, only a huge list of all covers in chronological (or close) order. The slideshow feature is pretty neat though. Totally there was 210 covers (so far), many of these feature Emma Frost only minimally and some are variants for the same issue, but still quite an impressive list.
Edit 2011-02-01: Classifications added

Cover types

Regular issue covers for ongoing titles
Variant covers for any issue
Additional printing covers with new art

Emma Frost participation

As main character
As part of team/group
I n the background only

Cover ratings

Mostly subjective of course.

Top Five covers
Top Ten covers
Notable (but not top-10 material) covers


Uncanny X-men
New Mutants (vol. 1)
X-men (1991) (including Legacy, but not New X-Men)
Generation X
New X-Men (Grant Morrison)
Wizard Magazine
Emma Frost (the series)
Astonishing X-Men
X-men (2010)

Emma is

Villainous (apparently at least)
Playing dead
Holding a baby
Kissing someone
Not sharing the spotlight

Emma pairings

Note: Does not include all covers where the pair appear, only those where they interact in some way (which includes being the only two characters on the cover).

Emma & Storm
Emma & Jean Grey (counting Madelyne Pryor as well)
Emma & Cyclops
Emma & Wolverine
Emma & Phoenix
Emma & Professor X
Emma & Banshee
Emma & Kitty
Emma & Firestar
Emma & Spider-Man 

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Now includes 250 covers.

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@nikbackm: Nice collection. You did this?
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Thank you.
Yes. Well, at least I gathered the images, sorted them and added some rudimentary meta-data. Can't really take much more credit than that!

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Cool thanks for posting. =)

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thank you(:

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Bumping yet again due to reaching over 300 covers.
Also added some classifications (see first post).

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Wowwwwwww. This is awesome, well done. 

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  Awesome Job !! 

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Wow these are great. :) 
Does anyone know what's going on in the one were Emma and Madelyne are like choking each other?
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@EmmaGrace:   Its part of the sisterhood arc, that doesn't really happen (replace Maddie with lady Mastermind)
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Oh okay. Thanks. :)
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A lot of work, nice.
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Nice .

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Bumping again due to reaching 400 covers.

(Largely thanks to the plethora of AvX variant and reprint covers over the last few months. But they still count.)

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