Emma and Cordellia

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If Cordelia Frost were to show up at Utopia do you think that Emma would accept her or would they try and kill each other?

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I think it would depend on the circumstances of her arrival.  Would be interesting to see since Cordelia could screw with the heads of everyone in Utopia.

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@Green Skin:   It would be good if she showed up as a mini villain  for an issue or two (so the dust can settle after a major event)  she could make every one but emma like her and accept her but because her powers wouldn't work on Emma she would have to fight through her team mates just to get to Cordelia 
What if Cordelia turned up de-powered?  I think that would be interesting.  Maybe she and Christian could come to utopia.
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That'd be pretty cool. What if she came in depowered and found a place in Utopia but then people started wigging out here and there and Emma eventually discovers that she actually still has her powers.  They could put her in and then slowly have her abilities screw with people until they finally had the showdown between her and Emma. 
I thought she hated Christian though?  I could be thinkin of a different sibling though.
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@Green Skin:   Emma loves Christian, i think its cordelia who hates them all.  But if she brought christian with her cordelia could make emma think she has turned over a new leaf. and emma would never know as sibling powers dont work on each other.  
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@uncanny89:  Groovy, wanted to make sure I was remembering correctly.   Only issue I could see would be other telepaths, couldn't they detect what Cordelia was up to.  Then again maybe Cordelia has a way to handle them, since she's suppose to be one of the best empaths around.
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@Green Skin:   I think Cordelia is the charles xavier of Empaths, She would place the other telepaths under her control and then that would stop them detecting her plans.  I think that the only problem Cordelia would face is the Cuckoos, would they be strong enough to hold out against her and warn emma in time?
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@uncanny89: If the Cuckoos are still emotionless I guess they would indeed be a problem for Cordelia. After those phoenix shards left their bodies I'm not sure though. 
It would be pretty cool if Cordelia started manipulating everybody on the island and Emma had to use her telepathy to help them regain control over themselves. Then she would have to deal with Cordelia herself in a fight, since their powers don't work in each other. Emma would have total advantage with her diamond form, but it would be cool if she chose to fight in her human form (Emma has shown some hand-to-hand abilities before, during Generation X). 
By the way, what happened with her father?

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@Darksteelwing:   I don't think that the Cuckoos are still emotionless because like you said the Phoenix shard left them, so maybe they would be affected by Cordelia. 
I think that if they started to reintroduce characters instead of creating new ones the current characters would feel more fleshed out.  Also i would like to see what power if any her brother has, would it be a mental power or physical?  back to Cordelia and Emma I personally would of thought it would have made sense to have Cordelia in Empaths role from the SFX story line that started around issue 500 she would have been able to manipulate more people wouldn't she?  but then you have the problem of Empath being involved with Madelyn Prior. 
I hope that in the near future they decide to bring some of Emma's family back into the comics.   
As for her Father, I think that he is still in Boston, the problem is, is that Emma's solo series hasn't been expanded upon  maybe we will get some new information in the x-men origins Emma Frost one shot that should be coming out this month.
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@uncanny89:   Since the Cuckoos are cloned from one of Emma's eggs, Cordelia could potentially be immune to there powers.  It would make sense that if she's immune to Emma she'd be immune to them as well.
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@Green Skin:   THat is a good point, they are technically family so they would be immune.  Emma would possible have an ally in the cuckoos, that is if they like her at that point   
(BTW, i like how we assume that Cordelia would still be evil after all this time lol)
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@Green Skin: Haven't thought about that. Good point indeed. 
@uncanny89: What if Christian came back as well and became evil? He could have some kind of grudge against Emma, since he kind of blamed her for being sent to that mental institution (she was the one who asked for their father's help when she discovered Christian was addicted to drugs). It would be great to see Emma's reaction to that, since Christian was the only one from her family who cared about her.

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@Darksteelwing:   That would be a good story for Emma, this is what i don't get, there are all these interesting stories for Emma why don't the writers ever explore them?  I personally would like to see Emma's reaction to one of her family members being de-powered (even if she did hate them)  The Christian becoming evil would be interesting as like you said he was the only one Emma truly trusted that story could be played out as a wolf is sheep clothing type thing and Cordelia trying to warn Emma but because of their past Emma trusts Christian instead and pays the consequences.
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@uncanny89: Indeed, there are many interesting stories that could be done with Emma. The problem is that writers seem more interested in writing about her past than anything. Almost all solo stories about Emma deal with her pre-X-woman days...
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@Darksteelwing: I think that the reason writers do that is sometimes because they are not sure how to write her, so they take lead from previous writers sadly.  Personally i think the writers on uncanny should be yost and kyle i think that they could do a fantastic job.  Back to cordelia and emma, how do you think Emma would react if cordelia was either de-powered or good?
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@uncanny89: De-powered Cordelia would be a bit... odd. Emma would be able to read her mind and seeing as they don't trust each other I think she would, so...
As for Cordelia being good, that would be interesting. Emma can't read her mind, so she would simply not believe her sister, I think. There would be some kind of pressure from other characters, too, since Emma herself is a reformed villain. i think many X-Men would argue that Emma herself is a former villain so they should give Cordelia a second chance.
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Did you ever think of them reviving Adrian and having all three siblings show up?

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@kerukun878:   If they were going to revive her i would have thought Necrosha would have been the most logical, but who knows with marvel lol 
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@uncanny89: Not if they wanted to keep her alive. xD
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@kerukun878:   True, but how could they bring her back other than basically what happened in necrosha?  I would love to see a Frost family centred issue maybe in between 2 big arcs or something

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