does she really need 21 different galleries

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some of them could be combined i mean she's got 616 emma frost, emma frost 2(which doesn't even have any pics in it), emma's early life, woman's best friend, big band emma, emma and scott,.....all of these pics are of emma from the 616 reality do we need all these galleries....especially when you can't create any new galleries

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Can someone delete the empty gallery? Or just make that on the live action one?

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Emma Frost 2 just needs to be deleted. The alternate reality galleries with one or two images in them should just be merged into one big alternate reality gallery and have the images tagged with what universe they are from (hopefully with more than the stupid universe numbers, nobody knows what earth 2122 and 8545 are off the top of their heads and you shouldn't have to, memorizing that crap is an utter waste of space in your head, might as well study for a CPA exam.)


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