Diamonds are a girls best friend

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What is your fav way for Emma's diamond form to be shown?

Sparkly and Shinny
Glassy and Transparenty
Greyishy with hair color
Bright and Solid
Darkerish and Steely

P.S May have made up a few words

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I kinda like the 1st pic...

#3 Posted by 0blivion_ (690 posts) - - Show Bio

Sparkly and Shinny FTW!

#4 Posted by Renee (10398 posts) - - Show Bio


Cat! ♥

#5 Posted by TheGoldenOne (38932 posts) - - Show Bio
#6 Posted by Video_Martian (5650 posts) - - Show Bio

@Renee said:


Cat! ♥

I love Victorious ;D

#7 Posted by darkwolverineUSMC (396 posts) - - Show Bio

Glassy and transparent I'd hafta say, what a women.

#8 Posted by fodigg (6209 posts) - - Show Bio

I prefer bright with no hair color.

#9 Posted by God_Spawn (39288 posts) - - Show Bio

Emma always looks good soooo all of them except Origins Emma.

#10 Posted by BlackArmor (6213 posts) - - Show Bio

Bright n, solid

#11 Posted by doddy (271 posts) - - Show Bio

although i'm not a fan of grey land's art, the third one is my favorite

#12 Posted by Daveyo520 (2469 posts) - - Show Bio

Diamond girls are a mans best friend.

#13 Posted by lorex (997 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Glassy and Transparenty and Fluidy but I think no matter what the hair should transform as well.

#14 Posted by Precise (21947 posts) - - Show Bio

i'll go with fluidy.

#15 Posted by Renee (10398 posts) - - Show Bio

@mr.obvious said:

I love Victorious ;D

Best show!

#16 Posted by Chanel_de_La_Fontaine (67 posts) - - Show Bio

The first depiction of her diamond form, during the fall of Genosha .

#17 Posted by PrinceIMC (5505 posts) - - Show Bio

I think fluidy is my favorite.

#18 Posted by Video_Martian (5650 posts) - - Show Bio

@Renee said:

@mr.obvious said:

I love Victorious ;D

Best show!

It's my favorite Nick show next to Drake & Josh :D

#19 Posted by Video_Martian (5650 posts) - - Show Bio

I also like her fluidy form.

#20 Posted by walteion (91 posts) - - Show Bio

i like the Glassy and Transparenty and hate the Greyishy with hair color

#21 Posted by Mercy_ (92783 posts) - - Show Bio

HATE the glassy and transparent one.

#22 Posted by God_Spawn (39288 posts) - - Show Bio

@The Dark Huntress said:

HATE the glassy and transparent one.

So does Purps but probably for a different reason.

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Random fact: Diamond is the hardest metal known the man.

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Bright and Solid

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I'm not a fan of the glassy look. She looks, quite literally, like glass and gives the effect she could shatter quite easily.

I like the bright and solid look, but I like seeing her form with a bit of roughness which would highlight the contours of her shape, giving it an edgy quality.

I absolutely abhor the look when her hair is not diamond form. It needs to be all diamond for moi.

#26 Posted by unicornpuncher (445 posts) - - Show Bio

glassy and transparent

#27 Posted by fireexit (2 posts) - - Show Bio

The Glassy and Transparency one is pretty good, definately not the Bright and Solid, that just makes her look like water.

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New X- Men one's the best, when Jean and Hank found her in Genosha

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