Diamond Form and Breaking Point

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We've seen her diamond form been destroyed with a diamond bullet on her breaking point. The breaking point was placed over her nose, where she had been injured just before by the u-men. In fact, at that time her nose was broken and therefore her diamond form had this defect. Now that it's been years since then so her nose should be back to normal, and therefore the breaking point should be gone.

What do you think about this??

And we've seen her taking hits by World War Hulk without being even chipped and it took two beams from the Dreaming Celestial to break her arm, but recently we've seen Thor breaking her diamond form... I thought that however Emma was just playing with Thor for the entire fight since she's beaten him in a few seconds...

What do you think?

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Idk if the shatterpoint instance will ever go away. I think the whole "every diamond has a flaw" thing will always be there and should always be there. It leaves a vulnerability to her given that she is incredibly hard to break and doesn't even feel pain.

Not going to lie, the thought of her feigning shattering did cross my mind in that fight. She did tank his hits without much difficulty prior to that attack and it almost did seem too easy. Her durability in diamond form definitely went up due to the PF as early appearances with her power had X-23's claws bouncing off her. Classic Thor was hardly able to leave a visible dent in a small cylinder of adamantium so if she was undamaged by X-23's claws I don't see why Thor could have shattered as easily as he did. It could have been a conscious decision on her part since she had control over every piece of her form.


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