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After the tragedy in Genosha, Emma joined the X-Men and dropped her "White Queen" code name. She began teaching at the Xavier Institute and personally trained the Stepford Cuckoos who became her prized pupils. They would battle together with the X-Men against Cassandra Nova, which is how Emma and the Stepford Cuckoos became trusted members. Emma began giving psychic therapy for Cyclops (Who had become distant from his wife, Jean). The therapy would soon become a secret psychic affair between the two.

Now, again, I'm not completely sure where it fits, but the line "They would battle together with the X-Men against Cassandra Nova, which is how Emma and the Stepford Cuckoos became trusted members." is the only new piece of information in this section.

I'd like to remove the paragraph and move the picture 'Emma emerging from the destruction of Genosha' up near the top of the Aftermath section, probably replacing the 'Emma again' image, as that's where it would fit.

But I don't want to just lose the information, and I don't know exactly where it goes.

So, if someone could tell me (or add it in themselves, I suppose) where it would belong, that would be great.

Other thoughts/plans are to move 'Emma shattered in pieces' up to the paragraph where Beast finds her like that, and rework The Phoenix, House of M, and Civil War - present sections like the others. Possibly do the same for powers and Ultimate Emma (the rest are small enough not to need it, although I'll probably do minor edits).

I'll also add in a thanks to whoever added the new images - it does add to the page.

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I'd recommend Shatter Star, Fesak, Buckshot or Zero Edge to take a look at this one...

i don't know enough about the character to do anything major with rearranging the bio


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For the part where you said it was new info to you, I think I remember reading it during New X-Men before they changed the title back to just X-Men. As for the image, you can move them to where you think it fits. I added those stuff a long time ago, so when people added more paragraphs, the images just got pushed down more. To move the image without erasing the text, cut the code that starts with < div and ends with < / div > and you should be fine. Whatever you rearrange just make sure it's in chronological order.

Not sure if that last part answers your question, let me know if doesn't.
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EmmaFrost says:

"I've just fixed all this for ya and added some of my own stuff. Being an Emma Frost expert and stuff, hope you don't mind.Also, people need to remember not to add their "own" comments in these pages such as putting some random picture of Emma up and calling it "Sexy." It looks entirely unprofessional.I also deleted some of the images which didn't belong in the specific category, etc.
Post Edited:2007-11-27 22:00:06"

No problem, I don't know a whole lot about Emma (rather, I didn't know much before starting to edit the page). I just saw that the page had one or two paragraphs per section, and found that it was really hard to read. So, I thought I'd split up the paragraphs a bit to make it easier for people that don't know anything about Emma.

Anyway, yeah, an Emma Frost expert is a great help.

When I spread out the text a bit, I found that putting some pictures in made it look much better. But, yeah, the comments could have been much better (and I think they are).

All I was really asking was where the battle took place in the timeline (based on other information in the text), but this is better (at least workload-wise).

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Speaking of Emma's overview, I've noticed that nearly all of her biography was basically copied/pasted from another site - at least up to the "The Phoenix" section of her bio. Starting there, it's original work, but sadly, the same can't be said about the rest. I don't really know what to do, deleting or not, and I positively don't know enough about Emma to re-write an entire bio myself, but I thought if people knew, then together we could build another one up.

By the way, here's the site from which the bio was copied:
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ohhh owch...

thanks for that Gloom, i'll run a check on the entire bio and see if it's actually been altered enough so not to be plagiarism...

looks too close though, and i've only glanced at the first bio page.


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Spit fire has copied most of his submissions from, but he never seems to get any points reduction.

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I'll take a look through the rest of his submissions for plagiarism, and send G-Man the link to any i come across...

if he's still doing it then he needs a point deduction for it


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Take note people, plagiarism pisses off all of the mods and is a serious offense.

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