Can Emma be saved from Bendis?

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#51 Posted by Jake Fury (19547 posts) - - Show Bio


Morrison seems to be the consensus. :) I loved Grant's run, but, I gotta tell you as an X-Fan growing up in the 80s it was just weird seeing her running around with the X-Men.

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@Jake Fury: Yeah, i mean speaking for myself here, prior to reading Morrison's run, i hated Emma Frost and thought she was just that typical wh0re who got her way into the Uncanny ranks through late night naughty sessions with Charles and Sean, off-panel. But he changed my mind, completely. And my first X-Comic was an Essential X-Men issue which included part of Claremont's X-Treme X-Men and Morrison's Here Comes Tomorrow.

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Considering his track record, I wouldn't worry about his mischaracterizing Emma Frost. Her fans can only hope she'll live until he's not writing anything she's in anymore.

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@AgeofHurricane: He definitely made massive improvements to her character. He also had the time to develop it.

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@poisonfleur said:

@lykopis said:

@doddy said:

@poisonfleur said:

@AgeofHurricane said:

@doddy: Pinning any ounce of hope on Bendis is an imminent tragedy in and of itself.

Right! Remember how he treated Storm when she joined the Avengers. He even said there was going to be a story that focused on her point of view. Did that happen? Nope.. I felt betrayed. :/

What happened...

You made me kinda worried now lol ‘cause Bendis said that we'll be seeing plenty of Emma front and center too…


Yes.. Be very afraid. Personally I feel he was talking out of his @$$.. :/

Have a little bit of hope, Emma seems to be easier to write compared to Storm, so HOPEFULLY he won't screw over another X-lady. And in his defense, he did give Emma role in House of M...

But seriously.... For the record, unless you are spiderwoman, Bendis doesn't give a fly F about lady characters based on what I seen in the past. Just saying. And being a reader that focuses on the X-ladies, I find that disappointing.


But Emma in Bendis’ HoM and Sentry arc was quite good… I don’t know…

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