Bowen Designs Emma Frost Diamond Exclusive Premieres at Toy Fair

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Bowen Designs Emma Frost Diamond Exclusive Premieres at Toy Fair 2010!    
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imve just pre ordered mine lol
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So did I. 
First comic statue I've ever bought as this one actually looks quite artsy and not like a toy or miniature sex-doll. Helps a bit if you want to leave it displayed where others can see it :)

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lmao im the same, i was tempted to order the other 2 variations though (original white queen and then non diamond astonishing) but it was going to be too expensive lol and i dont really think id display the retro white queen one lol
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Finally got this one a few days ago. Took so long that I had all but forgotten about it!  Well, it looks quite nice, not as a toy like most other comic statues, you can almost mistake it for a "real" piece of art even. 
I also thought there would be a blue variant, but that was just someone posting pictures of this one illuminated with a blue light. I tested that myself and it works out quite well. (Saves me some money for that one!)

Also, heads for a new Ultimate Collection of the Emma Frost series by Karl Bollers for those who thinks the digest collection does not quite measure up :)

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Wow, awesome!
When was it released (the statue)? I'm kinda curious on how much time did it take for you to receive it since the release (not the pre-order).
I might buy the Ultimate Collection, since I missed some issues of the Emma series.

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@Raionherustsu:  Cannot tell that precisely as I did not really keep track. But the shipping itself only took a few days according to the the UPS shipping info. So I'd guess it was released some weeks ago. I seem to recall reading some other posts elsewhere on this subject at that time as well.

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