Best Graphic Novel to hunt down featuring Emma Frost

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Of the trade Paperbacks that have been released, which would show off the best Emma Frost. The stories with the best Emma comments, best scenes and best grasp of her. Stories that show off other character's at the same time are also good.

I guess the first of Astonishing could work, but I'm looking for other stories as well.

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I'd definitely recommend Morrison's run on Emma Frost. She's definitely written really well by him. Other than that I'd definitely consider you picking up Emma Frost's miniseries by Bollers.

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Moriison’s NXM and Whedon’s AXM are must read I guess…

Emma Frost 18-issue solo series was really great, I think it's totally underrated perhaps because it's irrelevant with the X-Men or HFC.

And there are some recommendation lists, I hope they are helpful for you. : )

Essential Emma Frost The Recommended Reading List:

Originally Posted by NewMutant

1st Appearance

Gen X 6 - Kick ass Emma moments, shows how ruthless she is.

Gen X Two Parter - Gen X relive what happened to her Hellions. This gives us insight into her past and Hellions, but also with her Gen X students. Two birds one stone.

New X-Men E is for Extinction two issues - Emma joins the team and saves the day.

New X-Men Murder at the Mansion part one - Cyke/Emma revealed, learn her past, shows her relationshiops with Beast and Wolverine

Astonishing X-Men 2 - Her confrontation with Kitty. Another nod to her past. Plus she is running the school

Astonishing X-Men - Torn conclusion.

Uncanny X-Men annual 2 - current, no to the past, shows her relations to norman, namor, tony stark. Best Fraction has written her

Originally Posted by ButterRum

I did have these in mind:
Uncanny X-Men #334, #452
New Warriors #10
Generation X 95 Annual, Generation X #49, #55-#56, #59
X-Men Unlimited #34
New X-Men #36, v2
Civil War #3

I did add The New X-Men and Astonishing X-Men issues you mentioned though. Yeah, no current issues because I wouldn't want to recommend anything Emma is used poorly in. Anyways, sorry you didn't like the list. It was hard to choose from hundreds of issues and I did have to narrow it down to a few.

But please know THE FIRESTAR ISSUE IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE EMMA KILLS A HORSE...her most ultimate evil act. 'nuff said
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Emma killing Butterum is probably one of her most heinous acts as a villain.

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i have the collected edition of her own series, the one thats already been mentioned. 18 issues in the one book and its not expensive if you buy it on amazon or something. id say well worth.

and just to add something that's not been mentioned before, theres a five issue mini series, Heralds, which features her and is pretty good. just trying to extend the list : )

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