Another Origin of Emma Frost

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escaping the asylum... i love it.
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I loved that part of her origin she told back during Generation X. Though I think the Emma Frost on-going she had for a while contradicted this afterwards.

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@PrinceIMC: emma’s gen x days have been totally forgotten. there were no interaction between emma and her gen x students, there was no reaction from her when banshee died, even her gen x costumes were absent from the  x-men evolutions' varint cover of her...WTF
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I do get the feeling that marvel would like to forget Gen X happened (sad face)  i love that series and i think that emma was done quite well in it

#5 Posted by TheCrowbar (4397 posts) - - Show Bio
@uncanny89: After the TV movie, aren't we all trying to forget Gen X?
#6 Posted by uncanny89 (872 posts) - - Show Bio
@TheCrowbar:   For a 90's live action pilot i thought it was not bad, it wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination but it was watchable, (you have to remember this was original power rangers era lol, quite scary territory in itself. 
I tink Generation X was a good series i've read the whole series minus the last issue like 4 or 5 times and i live it, for me its one of the better young mutant team books marvel has done.

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