An idea for Emma Frost's powers in an rpg style game

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this is using the basis of my Emma frost powerset from the MUA2 boards, i hope you guys like it  

Emma Frost

Voice Actor

There is only really one choice for Emma’s Voice in any game and that is Kari Wahlgren


Uncanny X-Men

New X-Men

All are shown at level 60

** Diamond Form
Emma switches into Diamond form for a time increasing melee and defense
Increase all melee by 30% ( 50%) and increase resistance to all dmg by 50% ( 70%)
red node 1: Increases melee damage to 50%
red node 2: Increases resistance to 70%
red node 3: Increases Duration
Block to switch off

Psychic Bedlam
Emma releases a wave of psychic energy (radial)
141-177 mental damage
red node 1: causes enemies flee in terror
red node 2: increases area of effect

** Diamond Barrage
Emma changes into her diamond form for a devestating strike (Chargeable)
653-722 impact damage
red node 1: Knocks foes back
red node 2: Increased chance of critical hit
red node 3: Emma remains in Diamond form for a short time

Telepathic Bolt  
Emma focuses all her telepathic power into a bolt of pure psychic energy stunning the enemy for a time (chargeable)
333-369 mental damage (550-575 charged)
red node 1: increased time stuned
red node 2: increases charging speed
red node 3: reduces stamina cost  
Psionic Conversion

Emma converts a crown of enemies too fight for her  (radial)
120 seconds converted
red node 1: increases time converted 
red node 2: increases damage caused by the converted
red node 3: greatly increases time converted      
General block (x-box 360 LB) 
 Emma switches into Diamond Form to reflect attacks.

**When a psi ability is used in this form, Emma reverts back to non-diamond form


Psionic Strikes
Adds psychic damage to melee attacks
+8 mental damage to non power melee attacks

Diamond Body
resists all incoming damage
50% all damage resist

Uncanny X-men
Raises fusion damage
30 Extra Teamwork

Superior Skill
Raises damage to all power attacks
30% Extra power damage

Diamond Force
Raises Diamond melee damage
+15 extra melee damage with diamond attacks

Team Leader
Raises the amount of XP gained
adds 30%XP per KO    

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What power set do you think Emma should have for a  MUA2 or XML style styled game??
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You already know what type of Power Set I'd give her, because it's yours.. I'm sure you recognize me from Hq.

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hi yeah i do lol.  I know its weird but i didnt think id run into any people off of HQ im Emma Frost Fan 89 btw
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I know who ya are! You seriously didn't? I can tell you that CrimsonSpider from HQ has a CV page.
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@uncanny89 said:
" Voice Actor

There is only really one choice for Emma’s Voice in any game and that is Kari Wahlgren "

Oh, I dunno... How about Babs with her English accent? That'd be fun ;)
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that would be pretty funny, but i dont think babs' accent is that bad (its better than some american actors english accent lol)
really lol, because theres a guy on hq and theres a guy on here who i thought were the same person but theyre not lol.
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I'd really like a techinque where she drags someone out of there body and fights them in astral form too.  Im from Hero HQ too was devasted when she wasnt announced T_T

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Voice: kari whalgren

Emma Frost


main costume second costume

i would like terry dodsons winter outfit for emma but well it isnt well known.

moves: Astral attack-astral form runs out & attacks opponent

psy bolt- bolt of psy

mind control- opponents attack

diamond form- enhanced durability attack no telepathy

block diamond. no telepathy

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