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Emma is now working at a department store. One of the customer has a dog in the store and Emma was just trying to get her to take the dog outside. The dog took a leak on the floor and Emma was just trying to stop it. Her boss tells her to go clean it up and Emma insults her, she gets fired and is the third job she's had in two weeks. She comes back to her place to see her landlord nag about the her rent. He tries to come on to Emma but she pushes him away psychically and leaves to go cash her check. That night Emma dines by herself at a fancy place but has no money. She psychically puts an image of the money in the waitress's mind but was caught by the manger. Emma was forced to wash dishes to pay off her tab. Emma meets a guy named Troy Killkelly. They start talking and he comes over to Emma's place to talk. The next day they go to his place but were attacked upon entering his apartment. The guys demanded money from Troy but he says he will get it to them soon. They leave and Emma and Troy get out of the hospital. Troy plans to go to a casino on a boat and win some money to pay off the debt.







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