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Emma is currently attending college and is doing extremely well in her classes. While she was walking back to her dorm, she bumps into a guy knocking all her books down. She eventually makes it back to her dorm room where her roommate is kicking her parents out of their room. This was the first time the two of them met because Emma's roommate just recently moved in. Emma goes to her next class where she obviously knows everything by using her telepathic abilities. While leaving class she is stopped by that same guy that bumped into her and tries to ask her out. She reads his mind and knows what he is going to say and she says no, but he told her to attend his basketball game if she has time and she puts it into consideration. Emma and her roommate are eating lunch together trying to get to know each other. Emma tells her about the guy that was trying to ask her out, and then her roommate tells Emma that she is in love with someone. Emma reads her mind and realizes that it is her old professor. Emma decides to attend the basketball game with her roommate. During the game Emma began to get a major headache and left the game early with her roommate. Emma is sitting on the curb in tears not knowing what happened. Emma returns to her dorm room to rest and she begins talking with her roommate. Eventually someone knocks on the door, and when they open, it was Emma's old teacher here to pick up her roommate for a date.







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