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Winston is on the television preparing to accept any demands from the kidnappers. The kidnappers take off Emma's mouth cover but she mumbles jiberish and so they had the camera guy put it back on her. He tells her he's sorry but Emma talks to him telepathically replying "Sure you are." Winston continues to make contact with the kidnappers and they demand to get two-thirds of the money before they release Emma. Emma is helplessly chained onto a fence when she tries to read her mind, she sees the death of Troy in the leader's mind and vows to make them pay for what they did to Troy. Just when they were about to kill her she talks to the other three kidnappers and begins to play mind games with them. She tells them that the leader is just going to take the money all for himself. One of them decide to ask how they are going to split the money and the leader tells them they are splitting it equally, the rest of them decide to agree with it. Emma begins finally projecting images into the kidnappers mind, making the leader and only the leader see Troy. He begins to notice that it might be because Emma is doing something. Some of them begin to question him and now he points a gun at one of the other kidnappers telling himself that he doesn't trust anyone. He grabs the leader's girlfriend and points a gun to her head. The leader shoots her anyways and everyone begins to open fire. The girlfriend was actually still alive and wakes up and shoots the leader dead. The camera guy helps Emma escape in which Emma goes to the place that the ransom was supposed to be left for the kidnappers, Emma takes the money and gets ready to board a bus. She is also shown to be blonde now, suggesting that this is when she dyed her hair blonde.

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