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Adrienne shows the news station the ransom tape of Emma Frost, and it appears that it will go on the air. Meanwhile, the kidnappers are extremely angry with Winston Frost's response to his daughter's kidnap. She tries to run away and was caught by one of the kidnappers, but upon touching her she receives all of his memories and collapses. Troy takes a gun and points it at the leader, he tells him it's a stupid idea and catches him before he can pull the trigger. He drags Troy to another room and shoots him dead. Adrienne returns home to the family and they see Emma's ransom tape on the news. Winston confronts Adrienne about it and she tells him she sold it to the news, and then he slaps her. Meanwhile, the kidnappers are deciding what to do with Emma and decides to look her up somewhere until they figure something out. The media has begun surrounding the Frost mansion with questions about his daughter's ransom. Winston has begun to act like he really cares because he has to keep up his reputation and actually care for his daughter in the eyes of the cameras. Adrienne is forced to lie that she got her black eye from playing badmitten. The Frost gets a package from the kidnappers with a lock of Emma's hair inside it in a finger. Winston reappears on the news and now is prepared to accept any demands they want for his daughter.

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