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Emily Preston was recruited to SHIELD and slowly began climbing the ranks. In her first appearance, her superior insinutates she has a reputation for discretion that SHIELD Director Maria Hill can trust.


Preston was created by writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn and artist Tony Moore. Jordan D. White edited the book.

Major Story Arcs

When rogue SHIELD agent Michael the Necromancer begins to raise presidents from the dead to fix the United States, Captain America intercedes, decapitating a reanimated Harry Truman. Agent Preston, on possibly her worst birthday, is assigned by her superior Agent Gorman to solve the problem discretely. She hires Deadpool in order to ensure the public is not exposed to images of its heroes fighting its former executive officers, and tries to keep the so-called "merc with a mouth" pointed in the right direction. The two begin working closely as Deadpool slowly re-kills each president. During a debriefing session, George Washington teleports aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier and snaps Agent Preston's neck. Before she passes to the other side, however, Michael the Necromancer transports her mind into Deadpool's.

From inside of Deadpool's mind, Agent Preston helps her bodymate, Michael the Necromancer, and the disembodied spirit of Benjamin Franklin to transfer her conscience out of Deadpool's head and back into her own body. She gets sidetracked, however, and steers Deadpool's body to her home, where they crawl through her son's window to check up on him. Her son Jeff wakes up and Deadpool assures him that his mother is alive. Agent Preston is then along for the ride as Deadpool kills a few people on a demon's hit list while trying to find a suitable replacement for Agent Preston's mind to go into.

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