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Elysia is the home planet of the Firstand is an extremely rich and beautiful place that would make mortals cry by the simple sight of it. Its food is also forbidden to mortals as their senses are not capable enough to handle it. Elysia is also very difficult to locate. Not even extremely advanced technology, such as the Negation's tracking devices, can locate it. Also this plane of existence is reserved only for the First, mortals have no means of getting here without the aid of a First, which also includes the newly created Sigil-Bearers who's power rivals the self-proclaimed Gods. Solusandra, who created the First, said Elysia is actually quite easy to locate, if one knows where to look. She stated that you must imagine yourself in the center of all creation when teleporting in order to even have a chance of arriving on Elysia. Elysia has been used in both times of peace and war for the First, but was eventually split in two by Altwaal creating House Dexter and House Sinister. If a First wants to cross from one House to another, they must traverse through the Eidolon Rift which diminishes their power greatly. Elysia seems to follw the normal laws of physics, such as gravity. It is unknown how large the planet of Elysia is or how much of it they use, as most of the stories seem to take place in their main city. There does not seem to be a name for this city other than Elysia and it is uknown if any other cities exist on the planet and if so, what they would be called.

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