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In issue 1 of the Vertigo Sandman comic, Elvis makes a brief appearance. He was in Mort Notkins' dream, in which he, along with other famous icons like John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe, were laughing at him because he was in a clown outfit. (Mort Notkins was supposed to be guarding over Dream, but fell asleep)His Favorite Comic-book Superhero was Captain Marvel(DC)!

Elvis is one of those rare entertainers who was and still is known by his first name. He was also a rarity in that his music appealed to a wide cross section of the public. For several years after Elvis died, there were sensationalized stories in some of the tabloids claiming that he was still alive. His estate called Graceland in Memphis, TN is a major tourist attraction and is probably visited by tens of thousands of Elvis fans annually. Upon his untimely death, famous evangelist Billy Graham said that he believed that Elvis was in Heaven. He probably based this upon the fact that Elvis did love to sing Gospel songs. Also, once at a concert a fan shouted out "The King". Elvis replied by saying that there is only one King and his name is Jesus.

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