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Elvis Morin is a lieutenant in the New Orleans Police Department. He and his partner Lieutenant Poirier first met Denise Waters on the street selling voodoo to the people. That night Denise's daughter Ellie was abducted.
Morin found her once again when she was searching for her daughter and offered to help her. When the Silver Surfer returned her daughter, a special police force tried to take her away once again to blinkse studied. Ellie used her strange powers and killed many officers and Morin helped them escape. He took them to his friend Annie Laronde's house. He was torn between helping Denise and Ellie and his duty as a police officer.
He was contacted by a government agency and told that the girl needs to be taken in because she is dangerous. When Morin finds Ellie and Denise doing strange things, he decides to turn her in. He drugs Ellie and then Denise and calls the government. He is paid well for his service.
When Ellie uses her power as the Dreamer she returns everything to the way it was in the beginning and he comes up to them on the street just as when he first met them, but for the better.

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