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Elsie-Dee is a small female android created by Donald Pierce and his Reavers in the same electrolyte vats of the Mojoverse's Body Shop that created Lady Deathstrike. Her primary mission was to destroy Wolverine with her partner Albert - an android duplicate of Wolverine - who would lure out their target and fight him, only to intentionally lose, after which Elsie-Dee would act as an innocent victim for Wolverine to save. Once she was saved, Elsie-Dee would hug Wolverine and then detonate the plastic explosives that made up her body.

She was programmed with the emotional intellectuality of a 5-year-old child, but due to a temporal anomaly inside the lab caused by Lady Deathstrike altering past events in WWII, Bonebreaker was distracted and accidentally installed the wrong program in Elsie Dee, increased her intelligence to genius levels. Afraid of what Donald Pierce would do to him for this mistake however, Bonebreaker instead chose to hide this and never informed Pierce of her intelligence boost.

Due to her genius level intelligence and emotional personality of a small child, Elsie-Dee did not wish her robot companion Albert to die. She therefore ended up choosing to upgrade Albert's intelligence to increase his chance of survivability and success rate of killing Wolverine.

Major Story Arcs

Meeting Wolverine

She created a fiery trap inside an abandon building hoping to draw in Wolverine but keep out Storm so only Wolverine would die. Wolverine seeing a small child crying and screaming for help ran into the building to save her. He walked through an inferno, suffering great bodily harm and pain save what he perceived to be a small child.

Elsie-Dee ran to hug Wolverine but soon started to cry knowing that she would be responsible for killing a person who was willing to suffer and die to save her. Logan tried to calm her telling her she was save and carrying her outside away from the fire. Elsie-Dee still clutching Wolverine and her eyes shut told wolverine the truth about herself. In a panic Storm ordered Wolverine to get away from the robot as she tried to push the crowd away who were watching the drama unfold. Wolverine at 1st surprised asked Elsie-Dee why even tell him she was a bomb, she responded that she didn't want Wolverine or anyone else to die and was concentrating really hard on her detonation code.

Storm again ordered Wolverine to leave the robot which Wolverine refused claiming that anything that is willing to sacrifice itself can't be all machine, that it was human enough and that he would not abandon it to face the dark alone.

Elsie-Dee for the 1st time felt legitimate fear at the thought of dying and killing Logan but, Wolverine refused to leave her alone as she tried to override her detonation code with the help of Albert who had a com link with her and was hacking government computers using their computing power to help her find a deactivation code to her self destruct program.(Wolverine Vol, 2 # 38)

Powers & Abilities

Elsie-Dee original body was destroyed and replaced by Albert who build her a new superior body then her last one with a build in miniature strange matter reactor 20 million electron volts to power all her systems. Albert improved and upgraded Pierce's initial design of her making her "

10x better,

" making her faster, stronger more options then her initial design. Elsie-Dee has 3rd generation passive night vision, auxiliary data banks, high amperage linear drive motors. (Wolverine vol, 2 # 45)


Her dress appears to be made of indestructible material possibly unstable molecules(Wolverine vol, 2. # 86).


She possesses metallic crystal sensors based on Spiral's technology capable of sensing fluctuations in the space time continuum (Wolverine Vol, 2. # 51).


Elsie Dee is capable of running at supehuman levels surpassing the finest human athlete and even outpacing Bloodscream while running alongside Albert for hundreds of miles without tiring and needing only to stop occasionally to recharge its cybernetic batteries.

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