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80-page anthology title featuring brand new Elseworlds' stories.

Content/Chapter Titles:

  • The Reaching Hand (Dan Curtis Johnson/Aaron Lopresti)
  • Rockumentary (Bronwyn Carlton/Greg S. Luzniak, Anibal Rodriguez)
  • Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter (Liz Glass, Kyle Baker/Kyle Baker)
  • The Vigilantes in Apartment 3-B (Chuck Dixon/Enrique Villagran)
  • Superman Jr. is No More! (Bob Haney/Kieron Dwyer)
  • Scandalgate (Tom Peyer/Ty Templeton)
  • Worlds Apart (Chuck Dixon/Trevor Howard von Eeden, Joe Rubinstein)
  • Silver Age Elseworlds (Mark Waid/Ty Templeton): A series of homage covers, and first pages, to Elseworlds' comics in the style of Silver Age comics:
    • Superman in "President Abraham (Brainiac) Lincoln versus Clark Kent, Metallo!"
    • Wonder Woman in "...Luthor's Daughter, Wonder Woman!"
    • Batman with Robin, the Squid Wonder in "The Challenge of the Clayfish!"
    • Golden Age: The Teen Titans in "Zoot Suit Riot!"
    • A New Tale of the Legion of Super-Heroes: "The Revenge of Young Darkseid!"
    • The Flash in "Menace of the Gorilla-Explorer!" (featuring Christopher Grodd Columbus and The Flash as an African tribesman)
    • Metal Men in "Liberté, Égalité, Metallica!"
    • Batman with Eve in "The Garden of Evil!"
  • Dark Night of the Golden Kingdom (Tom Peyer/Ariel Olivetti)

Note: "Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter" won the Eisner Award for Best Short Story in 2000. Subsequently, the short story was reprinted in the anthology titles Bizarro Comics and Bizarro World, published in 2001 and 2005 respectively.


Upon its release the comic books was withdrawn by DC because of inappropriate content such as a scene in the Letitia Lerner story showing a Superman baby in a microwave. Only a few hundred copies had already been distributed to Europe and were sold there regardless. More than 10 years after its initial production the entire anthology book was re-released in DC Comics Presents: Elseworlds #1 - 100-Page Spectacular along with an additional reprinted short story, "Berlin Batman" (Paul Pope).

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