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Elsa Grimston is a child of Henry Grimston and the Moon, and was born of magic for the purpose of magic. Although she appears youthful, she was born sometime around 1957, and youthfulness is just one of her many gifts. Elsa's one and only goal is to live on the Moon, her home, the one place where she can feel safe and although she had worked so hard to attain it, when she finally got there she found Lucifer Morningstar waiting and he sent her packing, giving her a mission of destroying all the devil-worshipers her father had created. She leaves angrily because she knows her powers are nothing next to his and begins to seek out her Trinity.

Enlisting the help of her boyfriend and her girlfriend, she has them perform with her a sex ritual that allows her to locate her maiden, Sook, whom she then takes with her, planning for the two of them to return to the home she lived in, decades ago. Elsa and Sook are attacked soon however by General Filson, who is flying a craft her father had created many a year ago, they succeed in escaping him but only when Sook uses a massive amount of power. Eventually they arrive at the house which they find is now inhabited by Nikola Draconis, a porn producer, Elsa falls in love with him as if under a spell and the two go to bed with one another only to be interrupted by Sook.

Than new problems come to hand as they realize Nikola is the villain, but they are saved, oddly enough by Lucifer who tells Elsa she should get back to work, than he leaves and she returns to her mission, joined by Helen and Kara, the 4 use their powers to get to New Mexico where there target, Filson, is waiting for them, as he needs Elsa to perform a spell that will seal his power, the two need to have intercourse. She is helpless to stop him and begins to age but help comes in the form of her two newfound friends and she manages to escape Filson, returning to the Moon, at ease because she realized Lucifer did this to help her, not to hinder her, for on the journey she had reconciled with a friend, something she thought she would always have had to live with.

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