Awesome Toy Picks: Elongated Man (Signature Collection)

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Every week we take a look at a comic book collectible to see how cool it really is outside of the package. This week we have another Matty Collector exclusive figure. This is the March Club Infinite Earths figure. Who would have ever thought we'd see an Elongated Man action figure?

Ralph Dibny doesn't have the long history like many other classic DC Comics characters do. His first appearance was in 1960 in THE FLASH #112. What set Ralph apart from many of the other heroes is he publicly revealed his identity. He was an adventure as well as a bit of a detective. It's unfortunate that he hasn't made an appearance or been mentioned so far in the New 52.

As usual. the back of the packaging does give a brief summary as to who he is.

Elongated Man is a simple but cool figure. This is one for the fans. You most likely wouldn't see an Elongated Man figure sold in stores (although there have been a couple in the past).

As with the other Signature Series figures, he doesn't have an enormous amount of articulation but that's a good thing. Too much articulation often takes away from the appearance of the figure.

As far as accessories, he does come with a magnifying glass. That might sound a little lame but it's actually pretty cool looking.

You don't need to worry about him only coming with a magnifying glass. Because he is a character that is supposed to be able to stretch, he does come with one extra arm/hand to give the illusion of stretching.

Some may say he should have come with actual stretchy limbs. I'd have to disagree there. If we're being realistic, these "adult collector" figures are more for display. You're likely not going to actually be playing with them. The proble with the stretchable limbs is they do not hold up over time. I have a Mister Fantastic from Toy Biz from the 90s. His arms have become slightly discolored and any attempts to stretch them could cause the rubber to snap. No one wants an action figure with a missing limb.

Again, this is a figure for fans of the character. Sadly, with all the Club Infinite Earths figures, it is sold out already. It originally sold for $20. You can easily find many on eBay and they tend to go around that same retail price. Sometimes you can find one with a lower starting bid and you could get lucky.

That's it for this week. There might be a LEGO set or two featured next week. That'll depend if I get the time to build them this week.

Are you hoping to see Ralph Dibny in the New 52 soon?

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Amazing figure, Since i am such a fan of Identity Crisis, this figure just looks different to me...

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man, I hate his red look, red and black and a yellow and black striped belt? could he look more like a plastic man knock-off in that get-up? purple or nothing.

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Guinea pigs?!? AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

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I would buy a ralph and sue statue. I like husband and wife teams.

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i don't understand why dc doesn't want to bring him back

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He didn't sell all that well when he was around the first time. There'd have to be something distinguishing about him for him to be rebooted for the Nu52. I actually thought they were going to go with Ghost Detectives before the reboot, with Ralph and Sue working together. That would have been brilliant.

Sadly, I don't think traditional mystery comics sell as well today as they used to. They'd have to slap some kind of genre bending element to it, like intrigue and spooks, or I dunno, a carnival of evil flesh benders or something to make it financially viable these days.

Still, I might be wrong. Animal Man and Swamp Thing are selling well - So, we'll see.

I do miss Ralph, would love to see him working as part of the Croaton's again though.

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So he gained his powers of elasticity after eating a piece of fruit? Isn't that the exactly the same way Luffy got his powers in One Piece?

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If you're pressed for time, could you outsource the actual building any Lego sets to Li'l G Girl?

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man, I hate his red look, red and black and a yellow and black striped belt? could he look more like a plastic man knock-off in that get-up? purple or nothing.

he was created to be DC's Silver Age Plastic Man . is creator even admitted that the only reason that they didn't call Ralph Plas was because he didn't know that DC had acquired the character and his name. I see no problem with garbing in the same colors of the character he was intended to replace/be an update of.

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@dcfox said:

So he gained his powers of elasticity after eating a piece of fruit? Isn't that the exactly the same way Luffy got his powers in One Piece?

sigh, poor Ralph. ripped off.

i don't understand why dc doesn't want to bring him back

because DC doesnt want goofy but fun character, they have to find a way to make "edgy" before they care about him at all. that is, if they dont choose to ignore him for the bigger name Plastic Man. i mean just look at what they did to Harley Quinn and the Creeper. DC doesnt give a crap.

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Elongated Man and the Mystery of the Giant Guinea Pigs is a comic I'd read.

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That's awesome!

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Guinea pigs not included?

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Nice figure,its just a repaint of the plasitcman,like the colors

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Needs more stretched out points. A long hand and a magnifying glass aren't really "elongated" in my opinion.

And am I the only one who thinks the figure looks better than half of the artistic renders on Ralph Diby done in the past few years (the most notable one for me being the Alex Ross version).

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When did Elongated Man become the Atom?

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Identity Crisis happened 9 years ago, and I STILL feel sorry for Elongated Man...

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G-man I'm not a collector or a huge comic book guy but I was wondering if you know anything about the

Marvel Universe Series 4 #007: Spider-man. I got it but I was wondering if its great to begin a collection.

I want to have at least my favorite members of the justice league and the avengers and I was wondering if I should get another one. Money isn't a Issue (As long as it doesn't cost like $20, that'd be way to much for plastic)

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Yeah this just really makes me want Ralph Dibny in New 52 already :/ I do like the piece though. Awesome!

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@jimpicken: The Marvel Universe figures can be cool. There's some interesting choices and variations. I just don't like the pricing on them. Some look really great and others are just okay. The really cool ones are, of course, very hard to find. That can be a big frustration factor for me. But it's a good way to be able to get more figures and have them take up less space.

I'd love a Spider-Man in the "Bag Man" costume or Nova but I've NEVER seen those in stores and they go for insane prices on eBay. Sucks.

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I'd love to read an Elongated Man new 52 book as a mystery/adventure crime of the week sort of thing.

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I was going to say I miss Elongated Man in the New 52, then I remembered that not even Plastic Man showed up yet...

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