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Brief History

Ellie Waters is the daughter of Denise Waters, a phony fortune teller in New Orleans. Ellie was born autistic and does not speak or show affection to others. She has an incredible talent for art and draws constantly. One night while she was abducted by the alien known as the Silver Surfer. He took her to the Great Ark, a ship designed to help save life on Earth. She was to help create a perfect human race when Earth was destroyed by Marduk. The Great Ark was a planetary Noah's Ark. She was able to speak and the Surfer helped her and Gabe Acheron to learn to use their power and think pure thoughts. She grew very fond of one of the aliens, Amnel. Ellie was able to project thoughts to her mother from the ship. Soon Gabe and Ellie rebelled that they were being controlled to forget their lives on Earth. When the Silver Surfer learned from the Singularity that she was protected, he returned her to Earth. 
On Earth, Ellie was hunted by government forces because of her abduction. They believed she was no longer human and was a dangerous threat. When they tried to take her she unleashed her power and killed thirteen agents and injured many more. This led to family friend Elvis Morin to drug Ellie and her mother so Ellie could be captured. Ellie was taken to Manuae Atoll, the island of Stewart Acheron, whose son was also abducted. As she was about to show him what had happened, the US military attacked, sensing she was going to harm him. They bombarded the island. When Ellie found out that Amnel had been killed, she used her powers to kill everyone in the area. 
Ellie, her mother and the Silver Surfer end up inside Marduk. Ellie attempts to create a dream world with her mother and the Surfer, but he resists it. After the destruction of Earth, Marduk was then taken into the Singularity. It was here that Ayaman informed Ellie that she was one of three beings that make the universe possible. She is the Dreamer, the possibility of the universe. When she learns this, she uses her power to return everything to the way it was before. She remained the autistic daughter of Denise on Earth, as if nothing happened, although she now knew who she was, and had made slight changes for the better.

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