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 Elizabeth Maxwell was a Resistance Agent against the Visitor invasion. She is also the successful result of the Visitor leader Diana’s experimentation in interspecial reproduction, and the only known member of her kind. Elizabeth is the daughter of Robin Maxwell, and the granddaughter of Robert and Kathleen

 Averting Doomsday

Maxwell. Her aunts are Katie and Polly Maxwell. Her father was the Visitor, Brian, who willingly participated in Diana’s scheme. From birth, Elizabeth began displaying physical characteristics that were common to both the human and Visitor races. A twin, her twin

brother bore the physical characteristics of the Visitor race, wherein Elizabeth appeared to be outwardly human, with the exception of a reptilian tongue.   Elizabeth’s twin brother quickly succumbed to a bactereological infection. Because Elizabeth’s DNA was immune to the infection, it would later be used to create the Red Dust virus that was capable of killing the Visitors in massive numbers. Hours after being born, Elizabeth began aging at a highly accelerated rate, shedding her outer layer of human skin each time, much in the same way that a snake sheds its skin. Elizabeth’s initial meeting with her aunt Katie would prove deadly. While fighting over a doll, Elizabeth spat venom in Katie’s face, and very nearly killed her. This incidence caused Robert Maxwell to initially fear and despise his only grandchild. Later, when the Resistance captured Elizabeth’s father, Robin visited his cell with their child. She tested a vial of the Red Dust virus on Brian, and watched along   with Elizabeth as he died. Father Andrew Doyle grew fearful of Elizabeth’s safety after seeing this, and took the now eight-year-old girl to the Los Angeles Mother Ship, for her own protection.   Diana seized the opportunity, and falsely appeared to be friendly with the pair. Diana would later kill Father Doyle after reading the Holy Bible, claiming that it made her feel vulnerable. When Elizabeth plead for peace in the Visitor language, Diana refused, telling her that it was not in their destiny. When the Resistance finalized the Red Dust virus, they released into the Earth’s atmosphere, forcing the Visitor fleet to retreat into outer space. In a final act of desparation, Diana activated the self-destruct mechanism aboard the Los Angeles Mother Ship. When all hope seemed lost, Elizabeth utilized previously unknown superhuman abilities to stop the overload reaction in the Mother Ship’s engines, saving the entire world. Earth was liberated from Visitor rule, and earth would learn of the enigmatic “Starchild” who had thwarted Armageddon.  

Liberation Day

One year later after Liberation Day, television news reporters would gather at the Maxwell family’s mountain ranch, hoping to learn more about Elizabeth. Frightened, the girl used telekinesis to drive the reporters away. Days later, Elizabeth would undergo another radical transformation. After developing a fever, accompanied by a rash that revealed a patch of reptilian skin on her arm, Elizabeth   was instinctively drawn to a cave near the mountain ranch. Once there, Elizabeth would undergo another metabolic change, this time cocooning herself. Robert and Resistance Agent Dr. Juliet “Julie” Parrish locate Elizabeth inside of the cave, but are unable to interfere with the process or risk damaging, even killing, the girl. When Elizabeth emerged from the cocoon, she was no


longer a child, having grown into a young woman in her late teens, or early twenties.   The Visitors would then attack the Maxwell Ranch Home, forcing the trio to retreat into hiding.   Initially, Elizabeth had great difficulty controlling her abilities. But with the support and love of her friends, she quickly gained a greater degree of the plethora of abilities that she possessed.   She would even begin a romantic relationship with Kyle Bates, the object of her mother Robin’s affections. Kyle was the son of the powerful Nathan Bates, and did not support his father’s stance in promoting the Visitor’s activities. Diana would repeatedly attempt to capture Elizabeth in attempt to create an antidote to the Red Dust virus. On one occurrence, Diana created a clone of the girl using her DNA. The clone was both primal, and murderous. Elizabeth attempted to bond with the clone, and put an end to its homicidal tendencies, but a Visitor soldier with a laser rifle murdered it before she could influence it to any significant degree.

The Leader

When the Visitor’s Leader first made his appearance, he ordered a truce between the Visitors and the human race. It is revealed that he has telepathic ties to Elizabeth, and speaks through the young woman. He asks her to join him as his bride, and she accepts, much to the dismay of Kyle Bates. The Resistance travel to the Los Angeles Mother Ship with Elizabeth, and she is prepared to join the Leader, after she is dressed in ceremonial garb befitting her new mate. Diana attempts to offer her services to Elizabeth, but she refuses her assistance, and boards a ship to join the Leader. Unbeknownst to her,

 Adult Elizabeth

Diana has put a bomb on the ship. In addition, it is revealed that Kyle Bates has stowed away on the ship, determined to make Elizabeth love him. In the original story, Elizabeth was destined to find an artifact known as the Anyx, with which she would use to control both the Visitor and human races. Elizabeth would steal an artifact known as the Syllabus, a scroll that would lead to the Anyx’s location on Earth. The Anyx would significantly increase the strength of her abilities, making her an unstoppable force. Elizabeth was to locate the Anyx, and return with the Resistance back to Earth. Elizabeth and the Resistance were looking for the Anyx during a time of peace, when the Visitors would launch a catastrophic attack that would kill thousands of people.

  • Elizabeth Maxwell was portayed by Jennifer Cooke in the “V” television series.

Powers And Abilities

The full extent of Elizabeth's superhuman powers are still unknown, but include...

Attractive Female

Eidetic Memory

Enhanced Hearing

Escape Artist

Genetic Memory



Mental Telepathy


Remote Viewing




Voice Duplication



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