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 During the Titans Hunt (were Titans were hunted by the evil Wildebeest Society), Councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman - -seeing this as an opportunity - created a political campaign platform railing against the Titans. She cited them as a danger to New York City due to their various battles with costumed adversaries. She also brought various lawsuits against them for extensive property damage to the city. Soon after the Titans Hunt, an evil version of Raven emerged; her evil consciousness survived, and found a mortal vessel to house her form. Raven plotted to manipulate and torture her former teammates. To this end, Raven planted a Trigon seed in Elizabeth Alderman. Already a thorn in the Titans; side, Alderman increased her harassment campaign under Raven's thrall. Raven soon discovered that she needed super-powered vessels to house the demonic Trigon seeds. Alderman's mortak form proved too weak to carry the demon-spawn. She eventually was driven insane and committed to Nordling Asylum. Soon after being committed, Alderman died.
 But the damage was done. Various lawsuits and public pressure left the Titans in dire straits. The Titans were eventually pressured to place themselves under the government's watchful eye with Sarge Steel was their chief liaison. At that point, Nightwing stepped down as leader and allowed Arsenal to take command.

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