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Character History

Eliza was a new member of the Suicide Squad who worked alongside Larvanaut, Putty, Bolt, and Killer Frost. During her first and only mission with the squad her special ability to talk with animals was used to communicate with a colony of enhanced killer ants. She seemed to have very good instincts, and understood the abilities of Larvanaut and his usefulness to the squad.

Eliza went with Killer Frost, Putty, and Bolt towards a large complex, when Bolt fell into a pit and broke his leg she abandoned him and proceeded with their mission alongside Killer Frost and Putty.

Once inside the complex Eliza began to panic, this was caused due to her communicating with the large colony of killer ants. She tried to convince the ants that they meant no harm; however, she was quickly devoured by a large tidal wave of the ants.

Her skeletal remains are seen near the end of the issue with her hand wrapped around her staff.


Eliza wore a black and purple crop top with forearm length purple/black gloves. She had some sort of ruby amulet that she wore around her neck.

Eliza also carried a wooden staff with her; it is unknown if this staff was for combat or if it enhanced her abilities in any way/shape/form.

Eliza also had purple/black hair and dark brown skin.

Powers & Abilities

Animal Communication - Eliza displayed the ability to communicate with animals; however, during the issue she was only shown speaking with a large colony of enhanced killer ants.

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