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Elinor is created from the darkness force by Lord Cardinale.  She was also his lover and counselor. When a man named Royale appeared before Cardinale and suggested to attack the fairy realm, Elinor didn't approve of that plan. Cardinale, however, was bored and sought some blood. Elinor accompanied her master to the fairy world and battled alongside him. Elinor, still suspecting Royale of foul-play, warned him not to betray her master.  She then showed him her true face and revealed herself as a darkling. Royale swore that she would pay for treating him the way she did. When a critical moment arrived in the battle, Royale started to summon all the darkness to himself. Elinor, not wanting to die, pleaded with Royale to save her. Royale did as she asked.  He somehow cut her ties to the darkness and rewarded her with eternal imprisonment.

A few hundred years later, Elinor is located under New York City.  She has crowned herself queen over a group of darklings who serve her. She was still imprisoned there, and her underlings venture into the city to find her nourishment, in form of humans. Her path crosses with Ripclaw from Cyberforce when he investigates some weird human behavior. All those men bore a sign on their neck and the mark lead Ripclaw to her. Ripclaw was captured, however, and she started her feasting.  He was saved by an elf survivor, who teleported him back to Earth. Some humans worshiping Elinor tried to possess a Ptiorrsh Mirror that would enable Elinor to be free of her prison. The mirror is smashed by the elf, and her freedom once again cut off. Ripclaw, still being held in her cave, fought Elinor with growing power and eventually tossed her from her prison to the streets. The sun was up and when the light hit her, unable to hold her human form she turned into pack of rats, who ran into several directions.

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