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Child of adventurer/explorer Jeremy Metzger and Batu, member of an all female warior tribe, he is neglected by his mother in favour of his sister, Sarangerel "Sara" Metzger.

In spite of this, Eli's superior abilities manifest on their own. In the aftermath of a hard fought battle with the Meta Legion, Batu goes on a rampage, attacking Sara. Using a "time out" dart kept by Jeremy, Eli uses his speed and agility to knock Batu out. Upon realising that her powers had passed on to her male child, Batu denounces him as an abomination before passing out.

Major Story Arcs

Lone Son of the Bright Moon

Thinking he is to be trained in the ways of her tribe, Eli accompanies Batu to Mongolia on her dragon. Unbeknownst to him, his mother had in fact brought him to face the judgement of the tribe's council, thinking they would grant him an honourable death. To Batu's surprise, they decide to keep Eli alive in order to have him mate with the Daughters of the Bright Moon and strengthen their tribe. Batu objects to this and attacks the guards, allowing Eli to escape.

He meets up with Jeremy Metzger, who had come to rescue Eli. They make for Dragon Valley with the Daughers of the Bright Moon in pursuit. Upon entering the valley, a red dragon chooses to be Eli's familiar. They escape, returning home on the dragon and leaving Batu with the Daughters of the Bright Moon.

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