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what mutant characters would you lie to see him revive?

#2 Posted by xerox_kitty (15760 posts) - - Show Bio

None.  He doesn't just revive them, he infects them with the transmode virus so he can control them.  That's why he resurrected Caliban, so he could force Cal to track other mutants to feed to Selene.  I wouldn't want to see that happen to any more characters I love.  It was Bastion who raised all the other villains... and I can't see him wanting to resurrect the very creatures he's trying to eradicate.

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What want to know is what is he? He use to be human but got curse by Selene, was through magic, I can only guess. And then he was infected meaning he is a pseudo-vampire-technorganic-creature? If so decapitating would not kill him because of the virus and his usual abilities should keep alive if the virus is gone or push to the limit

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