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With the Battle Between Humans and Elves finally settled, we are free to watch the peacefull resolution of Winnowill's psychiatrict family-conference within the Palace of Blue Mountain, right?

No, sir mon frair, mes amis...

Somehow, Rayek's assistence for Egg has helped the Egg to elucidate many of its inner mysteries. His knowledge and apprenticeship to Timmain in the Palace of the The High-Ones firmly pots and radiates all of his mind-focus into the center of the egg, which gradually becomes totally powerful. This has been happening ever since Rayek's arrival at Blue Mountain in EQ:SaBM#6.

When the Great Egg gains enough power and radiance, it somehow grows to a gastronomic size, and "hatches" out of Blue Mountain.

A huge earthquake erupts, and Dart and Geoki both nearly die. Leetah must heal them in a united double healing. All of the Humans who survive the earthquake and the battle witness Leetah's pure heart.

Kakuk, the human prisoner, is freed. His elderkin-status proclaims the goodness of the Wolfriders over the former Gliders' false-worshippers. Cutter proclaims that humans should no longer worship any of the elves, despite their amazing talents and absolute grace. This marks the beginning of a continual path towards civilization for all humans, as the later editions of elfquest would progress into.

So Geoki becomes a friend-for-life with the elves, and the elves leave Blue Mountain with good will and friendship.

Did Two-Edge Die?

One of the most intriguing questions of elfquest#:SIEGE AT BLUE MOUNTAIN #1-8 was that Two-Edge frees Tyldak from his shackles, and allowed him to escape freely with Windkin. Just after this occurred, Clearbrook, who had resentment towards Two-Edge from when he molested One-Eye's half-dead corpse in the Original EQ #15&18.

Two Edge sees Clearbrook momentarily, who slid a cold-calculated dagger thrust into him without any change of thought or expression. But does Two-Edge somehow survive, as he falls to his knees when the Cave's first tremours began?

Like Winnowill in the Original EQ#14, the Question was left unanswered for his inevitable return, building the citadel for his mother and the Djun.

Point of No-Return

Finally, the Great Egg becomes too big and crashes, raining stone-chunks on everyone. Forever, the landscape of this planet becomes scarred with the presence of the elves.

While the egg bursts through the mountain peak, Cutter gives one last attempt to rescue Skywise, still trapped in the stone doorway. Cutter beats up Door, whose strange purpose is only to open and close that entryway. Cutter uses Door's talent with an overpowering "send." Skywise is freed and will later make love with Newstar m.

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