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Winnowill has been reawakened in a future age of the world of two moons, and her lust for control has taken on new forms. She battles and overpower Rayek, Zhantee, and even Leetah. It seems that all hope is lost because Winnowill threatens to claim all of the powers of The High-Ones for hersela, until Venka intervenes. The same symbol, a cross of light, appears over her forehead as when Rayek took the Cosmic Egg out of time in ElfQuest: Kings of the Broken Wheel #3. When the battle ends, Leetah was hurt, but she wakes up and discovered that Cutter was alive the whole time.

Cutter made a deal with Picknose to seal his kinsfolk in the caves, preserved in the endless sleep that Petalwing's wrapstuff provides. Thus, while Rayek has left time from the world of two moons, the Wolfriders escape time by hibernating; all except for Cutter, who is forced to make friends with Old Maggoty and wander the surface of his world in solitude.

Venka has one final confrontation with the zeal of her father Rayek. She tells him that Cutter and the Wolfriders were responsible for her upbringing, expressing that she was abandoned by him just as Cutter expressed this in earlier issues.

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