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This issue begins with the infancy of two relatively new characters: Windkin and Venka are elf-babes. Kahvi has Venka and continues to shield Rayek from any awareness of his daughter's existence. Meanwhile since the last series ElfQuest: Siege At Blue Mountain, Rayek's occult powers have grown to full force. In addition to flying, Rayek now has the ablility to carry other elves in his force field, which cannot be broken even by the ballistas of the IceTrolls.

Rayek & Venka

In the first episode, Rayek flies around the entire planet of Abode and finds the Go-Backs revive their bitter skirmishes against the trolls. He senses the secret that Kahvi carries, but ignorantly destroys part of the decaying palace with her and the child inside.

Scouter & Windkin

At the Wolfriders council, the nature of Windkin, born out of Recognition, as part Gliders part Wolfrider is discussed. Scouter angrily pledges to be the foster for the child and resist the unconscious leadings of Tyldak's charm over Dewshine.

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