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Continues a "Worldpool" tale of a half human/half elf Cutter confronting Madcoil-like creatures.

Cutter and Strongbow confront each-other over Cutter's half-human heritage. Cutter reveals that his heritage allows him to be free of the Djun, who controls all the other elves through the shards of the Palace.

The story of this world is continued, revealing how the Palace was destroyed, and the Djun obtained the shards of the Palace and enslaved the elves, including Bearclaw, Cutter's father. This enslavement allowed the Djun to force Bearclaw to mate with a young human female he had befriended until she becomes pregnant, bearing Cutter.

Cutter, the elves, the trolls and Cutter's human followers continue to toil through the wilderness battling Winnowill's creations and ever closer to her cave. Finally arriving at the cave, Strongbow presents Cutter with New Moon, his father's sword. The elves and trolls enter the cave, leaving their human companions outside proceed to do battle with more of Winnowill's creatures. Her creatures defeated, Winnowill converts the humans outside to her creatures and throws them into battle. Cutter, realizing that she will keep converting his companions until he is the only one left, leaps at her. She traps him in her coils until Strongbow fires arrows into each of her eyes, allowing Cutter to leap close enough to bury New Moon in her head, killing her.

Recovering from the battle Leetah heals Cutter. While healing him recognition passes between them.

Gromel Djun awakens from preserver sleep, and plots ominously on the future, as does Two-Edge.

This comic is available to read free online at the official ElfQuest website at

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