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Life in Sun Village has become easy for the Sun Villagers and their new neighbourd, the Wolfriders. Time has passed, and it seems the younger Wolfriders have become accustomed to the life in the desert.

Just when everything is settled, a gaggle of Zwoots, giant horselike creatures, stampeedes through a deep crevice cut into the dry rocky mountains. Skywise befriends a mentor in Suntoucher, and notices a distant stampede heading straight for Sunn Village.

Dewshine is nearly trampled to death, but Leetah demonstrates her resonant gift of healing, and revivifies the maiden. Strongbow saves Leetah's life by shooting a Zwoot dead-cold before it tramples her.

Recognition & Soul Name

Scouter and Dewshine dreamed of what their reconition partners would be like. Leetah is troubled by Cutter's manners, and befriends Nightfall so she describe recognition to her.

The Issue concludes with the great love scene of elfQuest, which has been dramatised at http://


Redlance, from beginning to end of this issue grows a dreamberry into a full-grown gift to the Sun Villagers, and also to help Pike stave off boredom.

Rayek decides that he is no longer needed to protect Sun Village and begins his long exile and pilgrimage on the #World of Two Moons. We do not meet hum again until ElfQuest #16.

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