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Skywise goes to see what has Cutter so excited and sees a village. Of Elves. "Just like us" he says, but Cutter says "not like us" and, remembering the cruelty of the humans and the treachery of the trolls, decides that his tribe will TAKE what they need from these strange brown-skinned elves.

So, the WolfRiders raid the village of Sun-Folk; Cutter unable to help himself, kidnaps the green-eyed beauty and the tribe escapes back up into the hills. They are pursued by several, but only Rayek actually makes it up to where they watch their pursuers. Rayek uses his magic to stun Pike and the others tackle and bind/blindfold him.

Leetah asks why they can't see that elves help elves and she and Rayek take the tribe to face her father, The Sun-toucher. As the village reluctantly but with growing enthusiasm, welcomes the WolfRiders, Cutter heads back to fetch Redlance and Nightfall, accompanied by Rayek and Leetah. Leetah heals Redlance and they all return to the village.

As the two groups of elves introduce themselves the Sunfolk lead the WolfRiders to their Mother of Memory who explains that their name for these hills is ALSO Sorrow's End...

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