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Rayek's Return

In EQ#16, we learn that Rayek is still alive, having donated his powers to the Go-Backs in their quest to find and dwell in the Palace of the The High-Ones. His prescence is necessary to aid Leetah's powers of healing. Cutter was stabbed in the abdomen with a spear in EQ#15, and almost died before Kahvi could rescue any of the Wolfriders who were ambushed. It is in this episode where we also meet Ekuar.

As Cutter heals, Rayek relays his tale to Leetah.

Recovery & Healing

Leetah refuses to heal or look at anyone besides Cutter until he is fully healed, but the den of the Go-Backs has many Wolfriders to heal. Skywise remains with Cutter.

The Go-Backs

This is the first issue where we are encoutered with the Go-Backs, a lacivious family of warriors who ride on caribou-bucks. Their only wish is to find the Palace of the The High-Ones, and since death enables their spirit to also reach this Palace, are gladly willing to give their lives to fight through the Ice-Trolls to do so.

Kahvi is chieftain of the Go-Backs. She rescues the Wolfriders from certain demise. #Vaya is her daughter. We see but do not meet the others.


After Cutter has regained some strength. While he and Rayek walk to discuss the tactics of how the combined Go-Backs and Wolfriders must journey through the lair of the Ice-Trolls before reaching the palace of the The High-Ones , Two-Edge watches and listens.

The Pixie Preserver named Petalwing finds Two-Edge, but he captures it, and waits for Cutter and Rayek to find him. Cutter meets Two-Edge for the first time, but Two-Edge releases a booby-trap that sends Cutter into a deep cave-prison where he meets a small pack of starving wolves. Rayek would have fallen in the same trap, but during his undisclosed adventures has gained the power of levitation through the mentorship of Ekuar.

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