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LORD VOLL's Promise

This is the episode of the glorious demise of the Gliders' chief, Lord Voll.

Dreams of the Palace of the The High-Ones abound in this issue of Wendy & Richard Pini's ElfQuest.

Lord Voll realises that the Wolfriders no longer feel at home.

He considers Cutter as his nephew now, and Ember & Suntop as his grandchildren. He begins to consider the difference between the dark #WE CONSCIOUSNESS of the cave dwelling in Blue Mountain and the radiant, illuminating #I AM CONSCIOUSNESS of the PAlace. He promises to lead the Wolfriders to their Chosen destination.

Shortly before arriving at the Palace on the Gliders' pet giant hawks, the part is besieged by a secret artillery bunker of the Ice-Trolls. The very first shot displays the precision of these crude metallurgists: an artillery spear that pierces direct-through Lord Voll's sternum. Cutter rides on the same bird and the same spear almost punctures his throat.

The remaining Wolfriders are thrown to the grownd amidst the confusion and are assaulted from all corners by a gang of hungry Ice-Trolls.

The End of EQ#15 contains arguably the most brutal fighting in the entire series.

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