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It is discovered that Winnowill has an extensive array of human servants who assist her in her dwelling-place deep below the summit of Blue Mountain. These servants are engaged in various tasks from defense to butlery and maids.

Suntop goes Blank

Winnowill kidnaps Suntop, whose spirit left bodily form and entered Winnowill's tortured mind in order to communicate with Savah. Savah, meanwhile had been caught in a trance while trying to somehow guide Cutter along his quest.

In the dream, we find Savah and Suntop both trying to bring some form of absolution to Winnowill, whose deeds go beyond insurrection as far as Kharma is concerned.

While Cutter advances on Winnowill, the humans attack and force the elves to climb the pillars, where a deadly batch of strangelweed ensnares them.

The elves break free and chase Winnowill up a precarious staircase, leading to the point of departure for the chosen 8. Soon Winnowill is caught on the railless stairways, and Leetah tries to reach into her soul and pull Savah & Suntop out, tries to heal Winnowill. Before she can quite reach Winnowill, she black snake slips over the edge and falls to her demise.

But is that the end of Winnowill?

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