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Tensions between Wolfriders and Gliders reach a boiling point. First, cutter lights his sleeve and half the dinner table on fire. Then Pike gives Egg some dreamberry wine, and the egg of Blue Mountain nearly falls and shatters.

Blood of Ten Chiefs

Winnowill reveals to Cutter's lifemate, Leetah, the mortality of the Wolfriders. And Cutter, meanwhile, overhears her. He nearly cuts Winnowill with Moonblade.

Winnowill underestimates the power of Cutter's family, and through her dark send is overpowered when she witnesses the truth of Timmain, Two-Spear, and all of the Wolf-Chiefs who have come before Cutter. The Phrase "Blood of Ten Chiefs" refers to the lineage of the ten Chieftains who had gone before Cutter.

Winnowill becomes frightened, and then humiliated after the Preserver spits wrapstuff in her face; she retreats into her cave-den to scheme against the Wolfriders; meanwhile Leetah grows more in love with the young chief.

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