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Origin and History

Eleven was a "rehabilitating" criminal who joined the Redeemer in taking down the Sinister Spider-Man, Mac Gargan (who is also known as Venom). She had fuchsia-colored hair and pale skin with eleven black crescents tattooed on each arm. Spiderman had caught her stealing and had eaten her legs. More than any of the other people in the Redeemer's team (the Redeemers), she wanted to kill Spiderman in revenge. When the Redeemers confronted Spiderman and the Redeemer told him to apologize, go to therapy, and do community services, Spiderman said he was going to eat them all. Eleven then attacked him with her sonic blasts, but in less than a minute Spiderman had chomped her head and entire upperbody off in one bite.

Powers and abilities

Eleven is able to shout sonic blasts strong enough to knock Venom across a room despite his ability to adhere to surfaces. She also had cyborg legs which moved almost as well as normal ones, though it is unknown if they possessed any superhuman characteristics. The source of her powers is unknown.

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