grey56's Elephantmen #37 - Hell is the Land of Tranquill Light review

Lady Killer

So for those of you whom haven't heard me say it, which means you haven't been in my direct physical proximity for the last few months...I'll say it again; If you aren't reading this book then you should be. Even my wife is tired of hearing me wander around the house and mumble about how it seems impossible that this book doesn't receive more acclaim. Though, to be fair - the wife has to deal with my mumbling a lot.

As a disclaimer though, Elephantment is not the type of book that encourages 'Jump On Anywhere' readers. This is not a complaint - but a referral to the depth of the story. That caveat aside, if you can't appreciate the characters, the art or the intrigue within each issue - I'm barking at the wrong mailman.

This issue does what most issues of E-Men do which aren't stand alone character studies. You get some sampling from the stories that follow each of the main players and then its related how those main cast are drawn together by those events. It's all done quite well and with no transition trouble for yours truly.

In this particular issue we have a new ne'er do well Elephantmen killer on the loose but we don't know who they are or why they are doing what they are as there is no real pattern that we've been presented with. But, whom-ever it may be moves with a sleek purpose and can stand up to the former super soldiers and not blink. And for my part - the perp sure looks and moves like a female would in martial action. Stay tuned.


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